Evaluation Boards

Breakout and Evaluation Boards

Breakout and evaluation boards are electronic circuit boards designed to simplify your prototyping and circuit testing. As device footprints become smaller and smaller in size, it becomes more and more difficult to bread board and test parts without making printed circuit boards just to prototype or proof of concept ideas.

NVision understands this and to help our customers, we have introduced a number of cost effective breakout and evaluation boards. These boards have been designed to make it easier to work with electronic components by providing a standardized interface that can be integrated into our customers’ larger circuits or systems. This can be especially useful for working on prototyping or proof-of-concept projects, to rapidly test out different circuitry.

NVision offers a number of breakout and evaluation boards for different types of Bluetooth, environmental and sensor applications to decrease your product development process. These cost-effective solutions are available with the sensor or circuitry already mounted on the printed circuit board. The footprints are brought out to 0.1mm posts making connection simple and fast.